EI&E RMF FRCS Master List (Current)

OFFICE OF THE ASSISTANT SECRETARY OF DEFENSE  Distribution of the Facility-Related Control Systems Master List Memorandum 07-2021

This memorandum and attachment provide a baseline to codify the categories that make up FRCS for the DoD. The FRCS Master List at Attachment A provides the type, description, function, and mission description of each FRCS category. The distribution of this list allows DoD Components to address cybersecurity and management of FRCS utilizing a standardized definition. Additionally, the standardization of these categories will enable the DoD Components to more accurately program and budget for FRCS activities. The office recognizes that one list cannot be comprehensive for all DoD Components by virtue of the wide range of missions occurring within the DoD. In the absence of a DoD Component-specific FRCS Master List, DoD Components are able and encouraged to use this list as a guidepost in developing their own DoD Component specific FRCS Master List.