Cultural Resources Management

SERDP and ESTCP efforts are developing and demonstrating the science, models, technologies, and methods that enable the Department of Defense to serve as an effective steward of the cultural resources on its installations and ranges, while enabling continued military use for training and testing. These resources include historic buildings, districts, structures, objects, and archaeological sites. The preceding efforts include:

  • Resource detection and identification technologies and methods
  • Impact assessment and mitigation models and tools
  • Predictive and significance models
  • Information integration software tools
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ArchaeoFusion is a user-friendly software package, assembled in MATLAB 7, for the processing, display, integration, and interpretation of data from all of the commonly used geophysical methods for detecting archeological resources.

If you would like to beta test ArchaeoFusion, please call 479-575-5126 or send an e-mail to providing your name, address, e-mail, and phone number.

Jul 2011

Archaeological Geophysics for DoD Field Use: A Guide for New and Novice Users


This guidance document on sensor selection is useful to individuals (1) who wish to become knowledgeable sponsors of geophysical surveys conducted by specialized consultants, (2) who wish to learn to conduct their own surveys, and (3) who seek to advance from novice to more sophisticated practitioners.

Dec 2009