Monitoring and Characterization

As the number of sites in the active remediation and post-remediation stages increases, new approaches are needed to address the monitoring requirements for process control, performance assessment, and compliance purposes. The use of contaminant flux and contaminant mass discharge as metrics to assess risks at contaminated sites and evaluate the performance of site remediation efforts has been gaining increased acceptance within the scientific, regulatory, and user communities. Other SERDP and ESTCP efforts have focused on determining the effectiveness of remedial technologies under different site conditions and optimizing their performance accordingly.

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Passive Sampling for Groundwater Monitoring


Passive samplers are devices designed to sample groundwater within a screened interval of a permanent monitoring well without pumping or purging. Several passive sampling devices have been developed, and testing has shown that passive samplers can replace traditional purge-based sampling and low flow purge methods without loss of data quality. The status of the passive sampling technology is provided in this technology status summary.

Oct 2015

Adaptive Long-Term Monitoring at Environmental Restoration Sites

Model / Software and Guidance

SampleOptimizer™ is an easy-to-use desktop software tool designed to reduce sampling redundancy in long-term monitoring optimization (LTMO) applications. The User’s Guide describes site requirements, installation, and use of the tool and its additional software components, SampleTracker™ and ModelBuilder™.

Mar 2010

Passive Flux Meter


The passive flux meter (PFM) is a self-contained permeable unit that is inserted into a well to measure cumulative water and contaminant fluxes. This protocol describes construction, care, and deployment of the PFM and details a standard operating procedure for the investigation of target analytes in groundwater. 

Apr 2009

Mass Flux Tool Kit

Model / Software

The Mass Flux Tool Kit is a spreadsheet-based software tool that enables users to learn about different mass flux approaches, calculate mass flux from transect data, and apply mass flux values to manage groundwater plumes.

Mar 2006