Infrastructure Resiliency

SERDP and ESTCP’s investments are developing the understanding and tools necessary to identify vulnerable assets, assess impacts, and determine appropriate adaptive responses to climate change.

Active Projects List
Project Title Start Date

A Multidisciplinary Assessment of Cross-Boundary Mitigation

Project Information
Project ID: RC18-1209
Principal Investigator: Liba Pejchar, Colorado State University
SERDP Jan 2018

Advancing Best Practices for the Analysis of the Vulnerability of Military Installations in the Pacific Basin to Coastal Flooding under a Changing Climate

Project Information
Project ID: RC-2644
Principal Investigator: Dr. John Marra, NOAA National Climatic Data Center
SERDP Jan 2016

Advancing Resilience Theory and Tools to Combat Environmental Surprise

Project Information
Project ID: RC21-1233
Principal Investigator: Dr. David Alderson, Naval Postgraduate School
SERDP Jan 2021

Automated Scenario Assessment of Groundwater Table & Salinity Response to Sea-level Rise

Project Information
Project ID: RC22-3278
Principal Investigator: Dr. Dipankar Dwivedi, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
SERDP Jan 2022

Comparative Assessment of Total Water Levels for Coastal Military Facility Readiness and Resilience Using Numerical Models

Project Information
Project ID: RC21-5028
Principal Investigator: Dr. Jack Puleo, University of Delaware
ESTCP Jan 2021

Conserving Listed and At-Risk Plants in a Non-Stationary World: A Predictive Framework for Assessing Risks and Guiding Management

Project Information
Project ID: RC-2508
Principal Investigator: Dr. Dov Sax, Brown University
SERDP Jan 2015

Deployable Satellite-Based Model for Assessing Saltwater Intrusion Impacts Under Future Sea-Level Rise Scenarios

Project Information
Project ID: RC22-3190
Principal Investigator: Mr. Benjamin Hamlington, NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory
SERDP Jan 2022

Developing Smart Infrastructure for a Changing Arctic Environment Using Distributed Fiber-Optic Sensing Methods

Project Information
Project ID: RC-2437
Principal Investigator: Dr. Jonathan Ajo-Franklin, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
SERDP Jan 2014

Developing an Experimental Predictive Framework for Climate Regime Shifts and Their Impacts Within a 2-20 Year Outlook Window

Project Information
Project ID: RC-2711
Principal Investigator: Dr. Michael Alexander, NOAA
SERDP Jan 2017

Development of a Decision Support Aid System Connecting Climate Model Downscaling and DoD Infrastructure

Project Information
Project ID: RC22-7335
Principal Investigator: Dr. Gabriele Villarini, University of Iowa
ESTCP Jan 2022

Development of a Practical Modeling Platform for Assessing Saltwater Intrusion Impacts Under Future Sea-level Change Scenarios

Project Information
Project ID: RC22-3250
Principal Investigator: Mr. Christopher Patterson, NAVFAC EXWC
SERDP Jan 2022

Dynamic Aquifer-Ocean Model for Coastal DoD Facilities: Vulnerability Categorization Based on Geophysical Setting and Changes in Climate and Sea Level

Project Information
Project ID: RC22-3230
Principal Investigator: Dr. James Jawitz, University of Florida
SERDP Jan 2022

Empirical Dynamics: A New Paradigm for Understanding and Managing Species and Ecosystems in a Non-Stationary Nonlinear World

Project Information
Project ID: RC-2509
Principal Investigator: Dr. George Sugihara, Scripps Institution of Oceanography
SERDP Jan 2015

Enhancing the Capability and Efficiency of DoD Land Management by Using Commercial Unmanned Aerial Vehicles to Assess the Impacts of Fires and Coastal Storms

Project Information
Project ID: RC18-5187
Principal Investigator: David Johnston, Duke University
ESTCP Mar 2018

Evaluating the Long-Term Ecological Responses to Riparian Ecosystem Restoration at the Fort Benning, Georgia Military Installation

Project Information
Project ID: RC-2704
Principal Investigator: Dr. Natalie Griffiths, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
SERDP Jan 2017

Evaluating the Use of Spatially Explicit Population Models to Predict Conservation Reliant Species in Non-Analogue Future Environments on DoD Lands

Project Information
Project ID: RC-2512
Principal Investigator: Dr. Brian Hudgens, Institute for Wildlife Studies
SERDP Jan 2015

Exploring the Basis for Skillful Projections of Decision-Relevant Climate Normals

Project Information
Project ID: RC-2710
Principal Investigator: Dr. Russell Vose, National Centers for Environmental Information
SERDP Jan 2017

Flow-Population Models for Tracking Non-Stationary Changes in Riparian and Aquatic Ecosystems

Project Information
Project ID: RC-2511
Principal Investigator: Dr. David Lytle, Oregon State University
SERDP Jan 2015

Hydrologic Risk Forecaster (Hydro RF): Demonstration and Validation of Forecasting Model for Flooding and Infrastructure Risk on Military Lands

Project Information
Project ID: RC19-5082
Principal Investigator: Dr. Daniel Gambill, Engineering Research and Development Center-Construction Engineering Research Laboratory (ERDC-CERL)
ESTCP Jan 2019

Incorporating Photoperiodism in Insect Phenology Models with Application for Biological Control of Weeds on Department of Defense Lands

Project Information
Project ID: RC-2701
Principal Investigator: Dr. Fritzi Grevstad, Oregon State University
SERDP Jan 2017

FY 2020 New Start Project Selections

FY 2020 New Start Project Selections for the Environmental Solicitation – SERDP; ESTCP

SERDP Report:
The Impact of Sea-Level Rise and Climate Change on DoD Installations on Atolls in the Pacific Ocean

DoD Report:
Regional Sea Level Scenarios for Coastal Risk Management: Managing the Uncertainty of Future Sea Level Change and Extreme Water Levels for Department of Defense Coastal Sites Worldwide (2016)

SERDP Report:
Climate-Sensitive Decision-Making in the Department of Defense: Synthesis of Ongoing Research and Current Recommendations (2016)

SERDP Report:
Use of Climate Information for Decision-Making and Impacts Research: State of our Understanding (2016)

SERDP Report:
SERDP Climate Change Program Review and NOAA Partnership Meeting Summary Report (2015)

DoD FY 2014 Climate Change Adaptation Roadmap with Foreword

Third National Climate Assessment

Quadrennial Defense Review

SERDP Report:
Infrastructure Damage/Fragility Models and Data Quality Issues Associated with Department of Defense Climate Vulnerability and Impact Assessment (2015)

SERDP Report:
Assessing Impacts of Climate Change on Coastal Military Installations: Policy Implications (2013)

NOAA Technical Report:
Global Sea Level Rise Scenarios for the United States National Climate Assessment (2012)

Workshop Report:
DoD Workshop on Coordinating Climate Change Research and Policy Implications (2011)

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