Surface Finishing and Repair Issues for Sustaining New Military Aircraft Workshop

February 26-28, 2008
Tempe, Arizona

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Tuesday, February 26, 2008 

7:30 AM Continental breakfast    
8:00 AM Registration    
Session 1 Introduction and general information on specific platforms
8:30 AM Introduction - workshop purpose and structure Keith Legg Rowan
8:35 AM Intro to SERDP/ESTCP and ASETS Defense Bruce Sartwell SERDP/ESTCP
8:45 AM Management of toxic materials in DoD Carole LeBlanc Emerging Contaminants
9:05 AM Air Force Corrosion Prevention and Control Program Capt. Daniel Doak WR-ALC, AF Corrosion Office
9:35 AM F-35 philosophy for manufacture and sustainment Scott Fetter, Robert Trice Lockheed-Martin
10:05 AM Break    
10:25 AM Boeing Rotorcraft - (briefing unavailable) Bob Schreiber, Douglas Knapp Boeing
10:45 AM F-22 sustainability - Supporting mission and operational success Arline Denny Lockheed-Martin
11:15 AM Boeing Commercial Aircraft Joe Osborne Boeing
Session 2 New materials 
11:40 AM Elimination of CuBe bushings from F-35 Jim Bietsch, Robert Trice, Scott Fetter Lockheed-Martin
12:00 PM Lunch    
1:15 PM Corrosion resistant steels and CuBe alternatives Charles Kuehmann QuesTek Innovations
1:45 PM Progress on S53 for Rotary Gear Actuators Ryan Josephson, Keith Legg Ogden ALC, Rowan
Session 3 Cleaning
2:00 PM Navy cleanability, corrosion and mildew issues Craig Matzdorf NAVAIR PAX
2:30 PM Joint Solvent Substitution Working Group Wayne Ziegler Army Research Lab
3:00 PM Dem-val of high performance CPCs for interiors El Sayed Arafat NAVAIR PAX
3:15 PM Break    
Session 4 NDI
3:35 PM Microwave NDE for detecting various conditions under coatings, inc corrosion, fasteners, and coating thickness Gary Schmidt SMRC
4:05 PM Infrared NDI of corrosion under coatings John Weir Northrop-Grumman
4:25 PM Laser-Ultrasonic Evaluation of Thermal Spray Coatings Silvio Kruger NRC-IMI
4:45 PM NDI demonstrations Gary Schmidt SMRC
6:00-8:00 PM Reception    
Wednesday, February 27, 2008    
7:30 AM Continental breakfast    
Session 5 Hard chrome replacements
8:00 AM HVOF implementation issues for OEMs Silvain St-Onge Messier-Dowty
8:20 AM HVOF implementation at Hill AFB – update Ryan Josephson and
Richard Vander Straten
Hill AFB, ES3
8:50 AM Nano-Composite thermal spray alternative to Cd and Cr Greg Engleman Powdermet Inc
9:05 AM Cold Plasma, New levels of control over coating stress and Substrate Temperature David Hawley Sulzer Metco
9:20 AM Summary of HCAT Helicopter Dynamic Components Project Keith Legg Rowan
9:35 AM Repair of hard chrome and HVOF by brush Ni Mary Gilman Boeing
9:55 AM Break    
10:15 AM Properties of Electroless Ni deposits Kurt Weamer Electronic Chemicals OMG
10:40 AM Nanophase Co-P electroplate status Diana Facchini Integran Technologies
10:55 AM Development of nCo-P plating as a replacement for hard chrome for engine components Nihad Ben-Salah P&W Canada
Session 6 Cd replacements 
11:15 AM JCAT update on Cd alternatives Elizabeth Berman, Steve Brown AFRL
11:35 AM Results of Cd alternatives testing - PAX Steve Brown NAVAIR
12:00 PM Lunch    
1:15 PM AlumiPlate Cd alternative performance and usage on F-35 and F-22 Kelly Donaldson AlumiPlate
1:35 PM Cd alternatives: ZnNi electroplate performance, repair of Al coatings Steve Gaydos Boeing, St Louis
1:55 PM Repair of IVD Al and Mg alloys using portable Kinetic Metallization Ralph Tapphorn Innovati
2:10 PM Low pressure cold spray systems for corrosion protection Julio Villafuerte Centerline Ltd
2:25 PM Nanostructured Zn-Ni alloys for Cd replacement on fasteners Jonathan McCrea Integran Technologies
2:35 PM Break    
Session 7 Cr6+ surface treatments and process control 
2:55 PM Getting good performance with Cr6+ alternative treatments Steve Gaydos Boeing
3:15 PM Surface preparation for repair bonding Kay Blohowiak Boeing Seattle
3:40 PM Non-chromate implementation Craig Matzdorf NAVAIR
4:00 PM Optimising tooling for plating processes Alan Rose Elsyca NV
4:20 PM Process analysis and control for minimizing waste in depot operations Peter Gallerani Integrated Technologies
4:40 PM Low Cr and non-Cr metallic-ceramics Bruce Bodger DemVal Inc.
5:00 PM END    
Thursday, February 28, 2008    
7:30 AM Continental breakfast    
Session 8 Systems and components
8:00 AM PEWG developments Mickey Conklin PEWG
8:15 AM Precoated fasteners Fred Lancaster NAVAIR
8:35 AM


NDI and repair of Tagnite coated Mg


Stephen (Scott) Howison AMCOM
8:55 AM Cold spray for repair of Mg gearboxes and other applications Phil Leyman ARL
Session 9 Paints, primers and sealants
9:15 AM Non-Cr primer performance and specification - F-35 Robert Trice Lockheed-Martin
9:35 AM Break    
9:55 AM U.S. Army Aviation & Missile Command Hexavalent Chromium Coatings Replacement Program Paul Robinson Mantech SRS
10:15 AM UV curable paint systems Nese Orbey Foster-Miller
10:40 AM Multifunctional UV coatings and Ce-based materials Matt O'Keefe U. Missouri - Rolla
11:05 AM Organic coatings projects Mary Gilman Boeing C-17
11:35 AM Environmentally advantaged powder coating for aerospace applications Chris Geib SAIC
12:00 PM Lunch    
Session 10 Coating removal, stripping 
1:15 PM Water jet stripping of HVOF and other coatings Jay Randolph, Mohan Vijay ES3, VLN Advanced Technologies
1:35 PM Compliant Removers for Aircraft Sealants and Specialty Coatings - ESTCP project ongoing James Tankersley Battelle
1:55 PM Destruction of LO-coated composite Scott Fetter Lockheed-Martin
2:10 PM Break    
Session 11 Discussion