SERDP/ESTCP Metal Finishing Workshop

May 22 - 23, 2006 
Washington, D.C.

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Monday, May 22, 2006
Subject Name Organization
Registration, continental breakfast    
Welcome Jeff Marqusee, Brad Smith ESTCP, SERDP
(1) Keynote address Carol Handwerker Purdue University
Environmental issues and corrosion Lew Sloter DoD, Pentagon
SERDP/ESTCP program overview Charles Pellerin ESTCP
(2)Current and upcoming regulations Christian Richter The Policy Group
(3) Clean alternatives Keith Legg Rowan Technology Group
DoD Operations and Sustainment    
  (4) Tactical Vehicles John Beatty,  Tom Sachar ARL, Picatinny
  (5) Aerospace and missiles Eric Brooman, Sheldon Toepke AFRL, Toepke Consulting
  (6) Gun Barrels Mike Audino Benet Labs
New Platforms    
  (7) Joint Strike Fighter Scott Fetter Lockheed-Martin
  (8) UAVs and UCAVs Stephen Gaydos, Joseph Osborne Boeing
 (9) Future Combat System and Stryker John Beatty,  Geoff Hoerauf ARL, FCS
Organization of breakout sessions
Breakout Sessions
  1. Hydraulic and pneumatic actuators
  2. Turbine engines for vehicles, ships and aircraft
  3. Structural (load-bearing) components
  4. Gun barrels and small components (fasteners, pins, etc)
Breakout Sessions (continued)
End for day
Chairs put together outbriefs
Reception (light hors d'oeuvres)
Note: Numbers in brackets are Background Report numbers


Tuesday, May 23, 2006
Continental breakfast
Outbriefs from Day 1
Organization of breakout sessions
Breakout Sessions
  1. Chrome plating (line-of-sight)
  2. Chrome plating (non line-of-sight)
  3. Cd plating (line-of-sight and non line-of-sight)
  4. Cr6+ pre- and post-treatments
Breakout Sessions (continued)
Session Chairs assemble outbriefs
Outbriefs from morning sessions
Full Session - Discussion of Lessons learned
Wrap-up discussion