DoD Metal Finishing Workshop - Chromate Alternatives for Metal Treatment and Sealing

May 15-17, 2007
Layton, Utah

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Wednesday, May 16, 2007
Subject Name Organization
Welcome and logistics Bruce Sartwell ESTCP, SERDP
Workshop introduction and aim Keith Legg Rowan Technology
OSD and Emerging Contaminants Carole LeBlanc MERIT team, DoD OEC
Global Chromate Requirements & Trends Mike Wyrostek MacDermid
Pretreatments for Al on aircraft Bill Nickerson NAVAIR
Cr6+ and COTS options for vehicles John Beatty ARL
Hex Chrome Conversion Coatings at Hill AFB Nate Hughes Hill AFB
Application of PreKote at Robins AFB/C-130 Todd Lavender WR ALC
Current Status of Trivalent Passivates Mike Kelly Taskem
Available Non Hexavalent Chromate Products Craig Bishop Atotech
Hex-Cr Free Zn & Zn Alloy Technology Jim Kloeckener Enthone
Chromate Alternatives for Metal Protection Bill Wittke Henkel
Managing the Transition to Hexavalent Chromium Free Anti-Corrosion Coatings Rob Berry, Mike Wyrostek MacDermid
Other COTS alternatives: specialist vendors Joe Ciejka (Luster-On), Joe Radzvilowicz (Metalast), Richard Buchi (Pantheon Chemical), Ray Lindeman Sur-Tec International, Mike Kelly (Taskem)
Sol-gel Conversion coatings, and anodizing Joe Osborne Boeing
Coatings for Fasteners Rick Delawder SWD
Ce-based Conversion Coatings Matt O'Keefe Univ MO/Rolla
Issues with use of Chromate Alternatives Steve Gaydos Boeing
Panel Discussion #1 - COTS Cr6+alternatives:   Chair: Steve Brown
Available products and experience with commercial Cr6+ alternatives (for Al, steels, coatings) Steve Brown (NAVAIR, PAX),  Craig Bishop (Atotech), Jim Kloeckener (Enthone), Todd Lavender (WR ALC), Bill Wittke (Henkel), Mike Wyrostek (MacDermid), Mary Traficante (Atotech)
Advanced Aluminum Anodizing Technology Ruben Prado FRC Southeast
Modern Facilities Design for Surface Finishing Peter Gallerani Integrated Tech
Panel discussion #2 - Running a non-Cr6+line   Chair: Bill Emery
What does it take to put a non-Cr system into practice? Bill Emery (SW United), Peter Gallerani (Integrated Technologies), Nate Hughes (Hill AFB), John Lindstedt (Artistic Plating)


Thursday, May 17, 2007
Subject Name Organization
Corrosion Protection of Structural Mg Alloys in Automotives Wenyue Zheng (K. Legg) CANMET-MTL
Cr-free conversion Coatings for Aerospace -  the European Perspective Nieves Lapena-Rey (Steve Gaydos) Boeing Europe/Spain
Electroplated AlumiPlate Al & TCP Gus Vallejo Alumiplate
ESTCP Hydrogen Embrittlement testing study Steve Gaydos Boeing St Louis
Breakout Sessions:    
1.     Pretreatment (conversion coating) of Al and Mg alloys – structural and electronic Chair: Joe Osborne
2.     Chromate treatment of steels (e.g. chromate wash primer) Chair: John Beatty
3.     Chromate treatment of coatings (IVD Al, electroplated Al, Zn, ZnNi) Chair: Steve Gaydos
Outbriefs from Breakouts    
Introducing Products to DoD Utilizing OSD’s New Specs & Standards On-line Tool Robert Herron Redstone Arsenal
Panel discussion #3 - Getting alternatives into production Chair: Robert Herron
Qualification, Authorization, Implementation Paths & Drivers (who authorizes for different services and applications) Robert Herron (Redstone), Steve Battle(WR-ALC), John Beatty (ARL), Elizabeth Berman (AFRL), Mike Hanson (Coast Guard), Nate Hughes (OO-ALC), Ruben Prado (FRC SE), Steve Brown (NAVAIR PAX)
Open Discussion – Action Items