ASETSDefense 2018 - Posters & Presentations

August 21-23, 2018
Denver, CO

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Presentation Session

Presentation Title Presenter/Organization
Welcome and Introduction Robin Nissan | Weapon Systems & Platforms Program Manager SERDP & ESTCP
We Need Your Ideas, Products, Services and Platforms: The New Way of Doing Business with the Navy & Marine Corps Matt Sheenhan | Navy CCP Executive
Cadmium and Hexavalent Chrome Reduction Strategy and Roadmap Scot Bryant | Noblis
International Aerospace Environmental Group (IAEG) Hazardous Chemical Replacement Projects

Jennifer Branton | Boeing Research and Technology

Steve Gaydos | Boeing Research and Technology

Impact Assessment, Cr6+, and Roadmap for Chromium Drew Rak | Noblis
Understanding the Derivation and Impact of Occupational Exposure Levels: CrVI Example Mark Johnson | Army Public Health Center
EU REACH Authorization – Challenges for the Defense Industry and Potential Solutions Kai-Sebastian Melzer | Ni Institute, Belgium
Updates on Sustainable Surface Finishing and Coatings for Army Weapon Systems

Noah Lieb | Jensen Hughes

Pat Taylor | Jensen Hughes

Cd and Alternatives for Electrical Connectors

Mark Smith | Souriau, France

Robin Montpellaz | Amphenol-Socapex

Sustainability Analysis and its Application to ZnNi Michael Bruckner | Noblis
Development of MIL-STD for ZnNi Plating, Low Hydrogen Embrittlement Electrodeposition on Landing Gear

Dave Frederick | Hill AFB

Craig Pessetto | ES3

Integration of LHE Alkaline Zn-Ni into NAVAIR Overhaul and Maintenance Facilities

Jack Benefer | FRCSE Jacksonville

Jay Randolph | ES3

Cd and Chrome VI Elimination Technologies for Aircraft Components Using Multiple Advanced Coatings and Auxiliary Processes Clayton Elliott | USAF WRALC
REACH and F-35 Scott Fetter | Lockheed-Martin Aeronautics
Trivalent Alternatives Under Evaluation at Boeing Kristen Williams | Boeing Research and Technology
Replacement of Cadmium and Hexavalent Chrome in DoD Ground Systems: Clean Coatings for Common Hardware & Corrosion Control William Slocumb | BAE Land Systems
Accelerated Corrosion Test Development Jim Dante | SWRI
USAF Corrosion Test Development Chad Hunter | WPAFB
Beyond Chamber Testing; A Dynamic Approach to Interrogate Current and Future Coating Chemistries for DoD

John Escarsega | ARL

Tom Considine | Bowhead Total Enterprise Solution

Modeling Galvanic Corrosion in Cadmium and Zinc-Nickel Plating Systems using Mixed Potential Theory Kristen Williams | Boeing Research and Technology
New Accelerated Corrosion Test Methods for Atmospheric Corrosion on Aluminum Aircraft

Ekaterina Badaeva | Boeing Research and Technology

Nels Olson | Boeing Research and Technology

Low Impedance Passivates for Electrical Connectors Matt O'Keefe | Missouri University of S&T
Replacement Materials for Hexavalent Chromium Conversion Coatings - Qualification and Implementation Processes

Paul Robinson | AMCOM G-4

Fred Lafferman | Army Research Laboratory

Aluminum Alloys Optimized for Sacrificial Protection Julia Russell | NAVAIR PAX
nCo-P Composite Coating

Ijya Srivastava | Integran

Jon McCrea | Integran Technologies

Overview of SBA Combined Loading Efforts  Bill Nickerson | ONR
Galvanic Compatibility Assessment: New Methodology and Standardization Victor Rodriguez-Santiago | NAVAIR PAX, SWRI
Curve-Crossing for Material Selection Siva Palani | Cordesa
Development of a Computational Modeling Framework to Support Prediction of Cumulative Galvanic Corrosion Damage in Aircraft Structures

Tom Curtin | CMI Beasy

Robert Adey | CMI Beasy

Fume Suppressants and Other Regulatory Issues for Platers Christian Richter | NASF
New and Proposed Changes to ASTM F519 Hydrogen Embrittlement Test Method Steve Gaydos | Boeing Research and Technology
Portable Cold Spray Repair Development Tim Eden | Penn State University
Cold Spray for Hard Chrome Replacement Aaron Nardi | ARL
Computer Aided Engineering Approach in Nickel Electroforming Process to Fight Off the Effects of Abrasive Sand on Rotorcraft Erosion Shields Performance Agnieszka Franczak | Elsyca, Belgium
Use of Brush Plating and Anodizing for Aerospace and Defense Danijela Milosevic-Popovich | SIFCO
Non-Drip Brush ZnNi for Touch Up for Localized Repair Chris Venturella | UDRI
Selective Electroplating Improvement for a Localized Protection of Aerospace Components

Luzmaire Youngers | NAVAIR FRCSE

Jack Benfer | NAVAIR FRCSE

Advances in Low Energy Welding (Electrospark Deposition)

Nigel Scotchmer | Huys Industries Ltd

Foss Jiao | Huys Industries Ltd

E-2/C-2 OML Flight Testing of Deft/PPG 084 NC Primer Julia Russell | NAVAIR PAX
A Plasma Electrolytic Process to Remove Polymeric Coatings without Damaging Non-Ferrous Metallic Substrates Michael Froning | USAF AFMC
Electrochemical Machining to Remove SCCP Coolants in Manufacturing Chris Humiston | Benet Labs
Chlorinated Paraffin in DoD Metalworking Fluids / ESTCP Alternate Machining Technologies Waterjet Frank Campo | Benet Labs
Green Waterjet Machining Technology Peter Liu | OMAX Waterjet Corp.
C-COAST Corrosion Test Facility Ted Sheridan | NRL Key West
Accelerated Corrosion Test Method Development for Protective Coatings and Materials Eliza Montgomery | NASA
Combination Anodize/Electroplate Hybrid: A New Coating for Light Metal Components Glen Slater | Cirrus Materials Science, New Zealand
Trivalent Chromium Passivation - Enhancement of the Layer Formation by Surface Active Substances Nabil Zaki | Surtec
Al-Rich Primer Development Brenna Skelley | NAVAIR PAX
Durable Sol-Gel Surface Treatment to Control Cathodic Current Density Adam Goff | Luna Innovations
HP Cold Spray for Corrosion/Crack Repair Luke Brewer | University of Alabama

Poster Session

Poster Title Presenter/Organization
Corrosion Monitoring System to Reduce Environmental Burden and Corrosion Maintenance Costs Casey Jones | AFLCMC/EXP-CPCO
Predicting Aluminum Alloy Corrosion Performance for Incorporation into Design Analysis Kenneth Smith | United Technologies Research Center
Computer Aided Analysis for Corrosion Risk Assessment: From Find-it/Fix-it towards Predict & Manage Agnieszka Franczak | Elsyca NV
A Computational Modeling Framework to Support Prediction of Cumulative Galvanic Corrosion Damage in Aircraft Structures Robert Adey | CMI Beasy
Corrosion Analysis from Design through Sustainment Alan Rose | Corrdesa LLC
New Accelerated Corrosion Test Methods for Atmospheric Corrosion on Aluminum Aircraft Ekaterina Badaeva | Boeing
Qualification Testing of Electroformed Nanostructured Cobalt-Alloy Bushings Alan Grieve | NAVAIR
Advanced Nanocrystalline Cobalt Alloys and Composites as Alternatives for Chromium and Nickel Plating in Repair Operations Jonathan McCrea | Integran Technologies Inc.
High-Performance Corrosion Inhibitors for Aerospace and Marine Aluminum Alloys Jeannine Elliot | TDA Research Inc.
Metlon® Pearl Black - Environmentally Friendly Surface Modification to Blacken EN Coated Components for High Temperature Applications Ameya M | Aztron Technologies
Recycling and Reuse of Metal Alloys by a Single Solid-State Additive Manufacturing and Repair Process Paul Allison | University of Alabama
Additive Repair by Cold Spray Deposition of Fastener Holes in High Strength Aluminum Alloys Luke Brewer | University of Alabama
Standardized Test Methodologies for Coating Durability Karen Schultz | Boeing Research and Technology
The Effect of Corrosion Inhibitors on Corrosion Fatigue under Complex Environmental Conditions Sarah Galyon Dorman | SAFE Inc.
Characterization of Corrosion at the Aluminum and Paint Interface Using ToF-SIMS and SEM Xiao-Ying Yu | Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
The Assessment of Low Hazard Chemicals to Replace Hexavalent Chromate Conversion Coatings for Passivating Aluminium Alloys Martyn Staff | AWE
Nanofiber Based Energy Efficient Paint Over Spray Air Filtration Jayesh Doshi | eSpin Technologies Inc.
Launching over the Valley of Death into Space Applications - Enbio's CoBlast SolarBlack Coating Dayna Lamb | Enbio
Environmentally-Preferred and Improved (Rapid) Laser Coating Removal Process for the Safe Removal of Coatings from Composite Substrates Jesse Holdaway | USAF
Plasma Electrolytic Depaint Process: Environmentally Friendly Paint Removal from Military Components Mike Froning | AFLCMC/EZP
A Laser-based Surface Treatment of Aluminum Alloys for Enhanced Coating Adhesion Adrian Sabau | Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Isocyanate-Free High-Performance Topcoats for DoD Aircraft and Ground Support Equipment Erick Lezzi | U.S. Naval Research Laboratory
Multi-functional Hybrid Low-profile Coatings for Light Metal Substrates Glen Slater | Cirrus Materials Science Ltd.
Enhanced Trivalent Chromium Process Coatings for Light Metals Catherine Munson | CHEMEON Surface Technology
Wear Performance of REACH Compliant Trivalent Chromium Plating Process EJ Taylor | Faraday Technology Inc.
Aluminum Electroplating using Ionic Liquids Weina Li | United Technologies Research Center