ASETSDefense 2016 - Poster Presentations

December 6-8, 2016
Orlando, FL

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Poster Session

Presentation Title Presenter/Organization
Chromate Free Surface Pre-treatments for Aluminum Alloys Martin Beneke / Airbus
Wipe Reactivation of Aged Primer Mr. William Betush / Lockheed Martin
Keynote - Report of ESTCP Initiative on Strategy for Cd and Cr6+ Replacement in Depots Scot Bryant / Noblis
Replacement of Chromic Acid Anodizing and Chromated Sealer at Safran Mr. Kirk Bucknor / Safran Landing Systems
Cold Spray for Hard Chrome Replacement Mr. Victor Champagne / ARL
Establishment of TagniteTM Anodizing Line for Overhauling Magnesium Components at CCAD Mr. Kyu Cho / U.S. Army Research Laboratory
Developing an Accelerated Dynamic Test Method Mr. James Dante / Southwest Research Institute
Advanced Environmental Severity Index Dr. Douglas Dudis / AFRL
Trivalent Hard Chromium Technology Status 2017 Mr. Brad Durkin / Coventya
Combining Tagnite with Cold Spray

Mr. Bill Elmquist /Tech. Application Group (TAG)

Mr. Chris Howe / MOOG, Inc.

U.S. Army Cd and Cr6+ Elimination by 2025 Mr. Mark Feathers /AMCOM
F-35 Cadmium Replacement Progress Mr. Scott Fetter / Lockheed Martin
LHE ZnNi for Cd replacement at Hill AFB - Atmospheric and Flight Testing

Mr. Dave Frederick / AFMC

Mr. Craig Pessetto / ES3

Hexavalent Chromium Alternatives: Corrosion Resistant Sol Gels and Cr3+ Conversion and Sealing after Anodizing with Post Treatment Mrs. Juliana Garcia / Socomore
NanoCobalt - CuBe Alternative Bushings

Dr. Alan Grieve / NAWCAD

Dr. Jon McCrea / Integran

U.S. Army Toxic Metal Reduction Program: Eliminating Cr6+ Replacement in Depots

Mr. Erik Hangeland / U.S. Army RDECOM

Mr. Noah Lieb / Jensen Hughes

Securing the Availability of Green, Enhanced Coatings (SAGE-Coat) for U.S. Army Applications

Mr. Erik Hangeland / U.S. Army RDECOM

Mr. Patrick Taylor / Jensen Hughes

Electrocoat Process for Non-chromate Primers in DoD Manufacturing Mr. Bill Hoogsteden / AFRL USCG
Isocyanate-Free Polysiloxane topcoats for Aircraft and Ground Support Equipment Mr. Erick Iezzi / NRL
Chromate-Free Primer for ZnNi Mr. Mark Jaworowski / UTRC
Environmentally Friendly ZrO2 Pretreatment for Steel and Aluminum

Mr. Fred Lafferman / ARL

Mr. Paul Robinson / AMCOM

NASA TEERM Cr6+ Free Bond Primer Replacement Project Dayna Lamb / Raytheon
Aluminum-Rich Primer Development Craig Matzdorf / NAVAIR PAX
Advanced Topcoat System for Navy and Marine Corps Aircraft and Ground Vehicles Craig Matzdorf / NAVAIR PAX
Cadmium Alternatives for Electrical Connectors

Mr. Rich Misiaszek / Raytheon

Mr. Jordan Ford / Tuskegee University

ZnNi on Landing Gear - A User Perspective Ron Montgomery /USAF OO-ALC
Low Impedance Passivates for Electrical Connectors

Dr. Matthew O'Keefe / Missouri University of Science & 


Reducing Test Bias in Evaluating REACH-Compliant Paint Systems Nihad Ben Salah / Safran Tech
NAVAIR Non-Chrome Primers Brenna Skelley / NAVAIR PAX
Evaluation of Different Candidates for Cd Replacement on Mil Aero Connector Market Gerald Tredan / Radiall
Poster Title Presenter/Organization
Wipe Reactivation of Aged Primer Mr. William Betush / Lockheed Martin
Hexavalent Chrome Alternatives for Aluminum Surface Treatment Mrs. Juliana Garcia / Socomore
Electrochemical Technologies for Replacement of Hexavalent Chromium and Cadmium Dr. Maria Inman / Faraday Technology, Inc.
Dynamic Multivariate Accelerated Corrosion Test Protocol Dr. Walter Juzukonis / UTRC
Hybrid, Ultra-Low VOC, Non-HAP Rain Erosion Coatings Mr. Jesse Kelly / Luna Innovations
Environmentally Friendly High Performance Bio-Based Composites for DoD Applications Dr. John LaScala / Army Research Laboratory
Powder Development: Cold Spray Coatings for Cr and Ni Plating Replacement

Mr. Aaron Nardi / United Technologies

Research Center

Non-Destructive Evaluation of Low Observable Coating Degradation Using Terahertz Time-Domain Spectroscopy

Carley Nicoletti / New Jersey Institute

of Technology

Demonstrating Viability of Low VOC E-coat Primers for General Depot Use Matthew Scott / PPG
Novel Atmospheric Pressure High Power Impulse Plasma Source for Durable Field Applicable Coatings

Dr. Vasiliki (Vicky) Poenitzsch / Southwest

Research Institute

Anticorrosion Coatings Based on Assemblies of Superhydrophobic Particles Impregnated with Conductive Oil

Dr. Georgios Polyzos / Oak Ridge

National Laboratory

Non-Isocyanate Polymer Design & Coating Development Brian Rearick / PPG
Selective Electroplating Technology Improvement (SETI) Dr. Alan Rose / Corrdesa LLC
Comprehensive Evaluation and Transition of Non-Chromated Paint Primers Brenna Skelley & Julia Russell / NAWC-AD 
Reusability of Cd Electroplating Tooling for Zn-Ni Deposition Mr. Bart Van Den Bossche / Elsyca
TCP-NP (NO PREP): A Performance Study for a Proprietary "NO PREP" Trivalent Chromate

Mr. Ted Ventresca / CHEMEON Surface


Facile Deposition of Low Contact Resistance Nano-Coat Passivates for Electrical Components Mr. Michael Vinson / Averatek
Development of Azeotropic Blends to Replace TCE and nPB in Vapor Degreasing Operations

Dr. Darren Williams / Sam Houston

State University

Funded Innovative, Environmentally Friendly Coating(s) Development Dr. Peter Zarras / NAWCWD