23rd Replacement of Hard Chrome Plating Program Review Meeting

November 18-19, 2003 
Kennedy Space Center Visitors Center

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Tuesday, 18 November


Start Subject Name Organization
0820 Board buses and depart for Kennedy Space Center Visitors Center (KSCVC)    
0845 Arrive at KSCVC    
0900 Convene Meeting    
0900-0910 Introductory remarks, meeting logistics Sartwell NRL
0910-0925 Overview of projects managed or co-managed by HCAT (with JG-PP or PEWG) Sartwell NRL
0925-0955 Overview of ECOCHROM Project Negre ECOCHROM Project Manager
0955-1015 Chromium and cadmium replacement options on advanced aircraft Legg Rowan Technology
1015-1025 Data warehousing and HCAT web site Legg Rowan Technology
1025-1040 Break    
1040-1110 Materials testing, qualification of HVOF on AF landing gear, and implementation at Ogden ALC Edwards Hill AFB
1110-1135 Results of P3 LG rig test, status on EA-6B LG, and status on flight testing of LG components Devereaux NADEP Jacksonville
1135-1200 F/A-18 E/F nose landing gear rig test and other LG testing at Messier-Dowty Schmidt Messier-Dowty
1315-1335 Landing gear testing at Goodrich Panza-Giosa Goodrich
1335-1350 Summary of producibility studies (NDI, finishing, fluid compatibility) at Heroux Legg Rowan Technology
1350-1415 Process mapping studies Legoux NRC Canada
1415-1430 HVOF technology insertion at Delta Airlines Randolph Delta Airlines
1430-1455 Compression/compression fatigue testing and results of engine testing Nardi Hamilton Sundstrand
1455-1515 Planned flight testing and HVOF implementation at NADEP Cherry Point Kestler NADEP Cherry Point
1515-1530 Break    
1530-1545 Status of AMEC Specifications on HVOF powder, coating application and grinding for HS steel Parker,Devereaux NASA KSC,NADEP JAX
1545-1610 Electrospark deposition studies for repair of Navy ship components Aylor NSWC Carderock
1610-1635 NanoSteel coatings Breitsameter The NanoSteel Company
1635-1700 ARL studies on NanoSteel coatings Champagne Army Research Laboratory
1700-1720 Kinetic metallization coatings for production and repair of aerospace components Gabel Inovati
1720 Adjourn for day    
1720-1800 Free time at KSCVC    
1800 Board NASA buses for transportation to Apollo Saturn V Facility (ASVC)    
1810-2120 Reception at ASVC    
2120-2135 Return to KSCVC on NASA buses    
2135-2200 Return to Radisson Hotel on buses    


Wednesday, 19 November

Start Subject Name Organization
0820 Board buses and depart for Kennedy Space Center Visitors Center (KSCVC)    
0845 Arrive at KSCVC    
0900 Convene meeting    
0900-0925 Results of fatigue testing Bretz Metcut
0925-0940 Initial results on wear testing Sauer Sauer Engineering
0940-1000 Initial results on carbon seal testing Schell GE Aircraft Engines
1000-1025 Qualification of HVOF on TF33 components, technology insertion at OC-ALC Taube PEWG
1025-1040 Break    
1040-1100 Studies on high-temperature applications of HVOF coatings Jacobs AFRL
1100-1120 Review of October stakeholder meeting and development of materials and rod/seal JTPs Sartwell NRL
1120-1145 Actuator rig testing and planned flight testing Moorman NAVAIR Pax River
1145-1210 Delta qualification testing on AF actuators and HVOF technology insertion Reynolds ARINC 
1210-1330 Lunch    
1330-1350 Seal performance against HVOF coatings on actuators and landing gear Nespola Shamban Aerospace
1350-1410 Overview of chrome replacement work on hydraulic cylinder rods at Caterpillar Beardsley Caterpillar
1410-1435 Electrodeposited nanocrystalline Co-P coatings Gonzalez Integran
1435-1445 Electrospark deposition Johnson Pacific Northwest Lab
1445-1505 Plasma-spray coatings Legg,Legoux Rowan Tech.NRC Canada
1505-1525 Thermal spray coating of internal surfaces using a pulse spray gun Eidelman SAIC
1525-1540 Break    
1540-1555 Overview of project on electrospark deposition for field- and depot-level component and coatings repair Sartwell NRL
1555-1620 Electrospark deposition studies for gas turbine engine component repair Price Advanced Surfaces, Inc.
1620-1635 Army applications for electrospark deposition Pollard Anniston Army Depot
1635-1655 Grinding and superfinishing of HVOF coatings using superabrasive belts and film tapes Peterson 3M
1655-1715 Electrolytic plasma processing for cleaning, coating dep. for Cd replacement and anodization Sartwell NRL
1715-1720 Meeting wrapup Sartwell NRL
1720 Board buses for return to Radisson Hotel