22nd Replacement of Hard Chrome Plating Program Review Meeting

April 1-2, 2003 
Coronado, CA

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Tuesday, 1 April


Start Subject Name Organization
0730-0830 Continental breakfast in meeting room    
0800-0845 Registration (Registration Fee is US$50, payable by cash or check made out to: Geo-Centers, Inc.)    
0845 Convene Meeting    
0845-0855 Introductory remarks, meeting logistics Sartwell Battelle
0855-0910 Overview of projects managed or co-managed by HCAT (with JG-PP or PEWG) Sartwell Battelle
0910-0935 Data warehousing and HCAT web site Legg Rowan Technology
0935-1015 Materials testing, qualification of HVOF on AF landing gear, and implementation at Ogden ALC Edwards Hill AFB
1015-1030 Break    
1030-1055 Results of P3 LG rig test, status on EA-6B LG, and status on flight testing of LG components Devereaux NADEP Jacksonville
1055-1120 Review of all materials testing by Canadian HCAT McRae NRC Canada
1120-1140 F/A-18 E/F nose landing gear rig test and other LG testing at Messier-Dowty Eybel Messier-Dowty
1140-1200 Landing gear testing at Goodrich Evans Goodrich
1200-1315 Lunch    
1315-1330 Producibility studies at Heroux Legg Rowan Technology
1330-1345 C-17 completed durability and fatigue testing of HVOF-coated parts and follow-on plans Gilman Boeing Long Beach
1345-1400 Coating integrity testing on large tensile specimens E. Lee NAVAIR Pax River
1400-1410 Cost/Benefit analysis for landing gear overhaul facility Sartwell Battelle
1410-1440 Review of newly issued AMEC Specifications on HVOF powder and coating application for HS steel Parker NASA Kennedy Space Center
1440-1500 Process mapping studies Legoux NRC Canada
1500-1515 Break    
1515-1550 Nondestructive inspection issues, coating process documentation, and quality control Sauer Sauer Engineering
1550-1605 Status of grinding specification Devereaux NADEP Jacksonville
1605-1630 SprayWatch system for thermal spray diagnostics and continuous process monitoring Linden OSEIR
1630-1650 Comparison between HVOF WC/CoCr coatings and hard chrome in fuel pump bearing system Lovelock Deloro Stellite
1650-1710 Open discussion on issues related to implementation of HVOF at military depots    
1710 Adjourn for day    


Wednesday, 2 April


Start Subject Name Organization
0730-0815 Continental breakfast in meeting room    
0815-0835 Planned flight testing and HVOF technology implementation at depots Kestler NADEP Cherry Point
0835-0905 Functional rod-seal testing, coating of actual actuator components, and planned flight testing Moorman NAVAIR Pax River
0905-0930 Delta qualification testing on AF actuators and HVOF technology insertion Reynolds ARINC  
0930-0945 Review of PFCU seal testing Lowndes Greene Tweed &Co.
0945-1000 Break    
1000-1045 Overview of materials testing, coatings deposition, results of fatigue testing and DOE on wear testing Sauer, Bretz Sauer Eng. Metcut
1045-1100 Planned carbon seal testing Schell GE Aircraft Engines
1100-1140 Results of TF33 engine test, post-test examination of components and revision of tech orders on TF33 Shubert Pratt & Whitney
1140-1155 Status of HVOF technology insertion at Oklahoma City ALC Alford PEWG
1155-1310 Lunch    
1310-1330 Status of AFRL characterization of thermal spray coatings for engine applications Ware AFRL
1330-1400 Electrodeposited nanocrystalline coatings D. Lee McDermott
1400-1425 Electrospark deposition Johnson Pacific Northwest Lab
1425-1450 Plasma-spray coatings Legg, Legoux Rowan Tech. NRC Canada
1450-1510 Electroless Ni-B coatings McComas Universal Chemical Tech.
1510-1525 Break    
1525-1545 Hard amorphous coatings deposited by HVOF Robbins, Croopnick Liquidmetal Coatings, Inc.
1545-1600 Overview of project on electrospark deposition for field- and depot-level component and coatings repair Sartwell Battelle
1600-1625 Electrospark deposition studies for repair of Navy ship components Aylor NSWC Carderock
1625-1650 Electrospark deposition studies for gas turbine engine component repair Price Advanced Surfaces, Inc.
1650-1700 Meeting wrapup and discussion; scheduling of next HCAT meeting    
1700 Adjourn