21st Replacement of Hard Chrome Plating Program Review Meeting

September 25-26, 2002 
Toronto, Ontario 

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Wednesday, 25 September 

Start Subject Name Organization
0730-0830 Continental breakfast    
0800-0845 Registration (Registration Fee is US$50 or C$75, payable by check made out to Geo-Centers, Inc. or in cash)    
0845 Convene Meeting    
0845-0855 Introductory Remarks, meeting logistics Sartwell NRL
0855-0905 Overview of HCAT Program Sartwell NRL
0905-0935 Overview of ECOCHROM Project for replacement of hexavalent chrome plating with trivalent chrome plating Negre Program Manager, ECOCHROM
0935-1000 Review of 4-5 Sept. Technology Exchange Meeting on Materials Substitution for Pollution Prevention in Advanced Aircraft Legg Rowan Technology
1000-1005 Review of materials testing and Joint Test Report Legg Rowan Technology
1005–1015  Landing Gear Project Summary and Small Bar Integrity Testing Sauer       Sauer Engineering
1015-1030  Break Sauer       Sauer Engineering
  1030-1110   Qualification testing for landing gear on Air Force aircraft   Edwards   Hill AFB
1110-1140 Bend testing of WC/CoCr-coated cylinders and Dash 8 rig tests Panza-Giosa Goodrich
1140-1155 Coating integrity testing on large tensile specimens Bretz Metcut Research
1155-1315 Lunch    
1315-1330 Results of studies on fracture and residual stress characterization Parker Kennedy Space Center
1330-1345 F/A-18 E/F nose landing gear rig test Eybel Messier-Dowty
1345-1400 Seal testing against HVOF coatings for landing gear Olmos Saint-Gobain PPL
1400-1420 Finishing and NDT inspection of WC/CoCr HVOF coatings Ben-Salah Heroux
1420-1435 Planned process mapping Legoux NRC
1435-1500 Non-destructive evaluation of base materials under HVOF coatings Nowa-kowski Boeing St. Louis
1500-1515 Break    
1515-1535 Review of potential NDE methods for characterization of base materials Sauer Sauer Engineering
1535-1545 Issuance of AMEC specifications for WC/Co deposition and powder Parker Kennedy Space Center
1545-1600 Development of grinding specification for WC/Co coatings Devereaux NADEP Jacksonville
1600-1630 Overview of ONR program on nano-structured thermal spray coatings Kabacoff Office of Naval Research
1630-1700 Open discussion on technology issues related to chrome replacement on landing gear    
  1700   Adjourn for day    

 Thursday, 26 September 

Start Subject Name Organization
0730-0815 Continental breakfast in meeting room    
0815-0855 Review of materials and component testing, Joint Test Report, planned flight testing, and other technology insertion issues Kestler NADEP Cherry Point
0855-0915 Results of initial functional rod/seal testing Moorman NAVAIR Pax River
0915-0945 HVOF technology insertion on actuators on Air Force aircraft Reynolds ARINC
0945-1000 Fatigue testing under Materials Joint Test Protocol Bretz Metcut Research
1000-1015 Break    
1015-1040 TF33 component qualification and HVOF technology insertion at Oklahoma City ALC Alford PEWG
1040-1100 Qualification of HVOF process on J52 engine Ngin NADEP Jacksonville
1100-1115 Review of cost/benefit analysis for chrome replacement with HVOF at Oklahoma City ALC Sartwell NRL
1115-1140 NLOS electroplating project update Kolek AFRL
1140-1205 Electrospark deposition project update Johnson PNL
1205-1325 Lunch    
1325-1350 Electrodeposited nanocrystalline coatings project update D. Lee McDermott    
1350-1415 Plasma-spray coatings project update Legg Rowan Technology  
1415-1430 NADEP Jacksonville Devereaux NADEP JAX
1430-1445 NADEP Cherry Point Kestler NADEP Cherry Point
1445-1500 Ogden Air Logistics Center Cheever Hill AFB
1500-1515 Break    
1515-1535 Update on project on Electrospark Deposition for Field- and Depot-Level Component and Coatings Repair   Dent PEWG
1535-1600 Service history on HVOF coatings and review of restorative effort on Ni-Al/WC-Co Falkowski Boeing Commercial
1600-1615 Landing gear shock strut seal testing Lowndes Greene, Tweed & Co.
1615-1640 HVOF component qualification at Delta Airlines Randolph Delta Airlines
1640-1650 Update on HCAT web site Legg Rowan Technology
1650-1700 Review of important technical issues and work to be accomplished prior to next HCAT meeting    
1700 Adjourn