18th Replacement of Hard Chrome Plating Program Review Meeting

April 25-26, 2001 
Long Beach, California

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Wednesday, 25 April 

Start Subject Name Organization
0800-0845 Registration (Continental breakfast available)
(Registration fee is $50.00, payable by check made out to Geo-Centers, Inc. or in cash)
0845 Convene Meeting    
0845-0855 Introductory Remarks, meeting logistics Sartwell  
0855-0905 Overview of HCAT Program Sartwell  
0905-0925 Overview of materials testing related to fatigue and coating delamination (including summaries of meetings to define stress levels on landing gear) Sartwell  
0925-1000 Results on recent fatigue and coating spallation testing (including fatigue testing from propeller hub project), and residual stress measurements J. Sauer  
1000-1020 Flexure fatigue testing on two A-10 NLG cylinders Edwards  
1020-1035 Break    
1035-1055 C-HCAT fatigue/coating integrity testing Dyer  
1055-1115 Large sample coating integrity testing  E. Lee, Bretz  
1115-1150 HVOF coating process development at NRC Canada, Hill AFB, and Engelhard Legoux, J. Sauer, Schell  
1150-1205 Overview of additional planned fatigue/coating integrity work Legg  
1205-1315 Lunch (on your own)    
1315-1335 HVOF coatings characterization and NDI efforts at AFRL Kolek  
1335-1345 Coating characterization studies on DJ coatings sprayed with methane Legoux  
1345-1415 Technical discussions related to operational requirements for HVOF coatings, results presented and future plans Sartwell, Legg
1415-1430 Additional corrosion testing for landing gear program Sartwell  
1430-1450 Analysis of landing gear wear data Schell  
1450-1510 C-HCAT wear testing results Robertson  
1510-1525 Break    
1525-1540 Results of whackometry testing Legg  
1540-1555 Results on first phase of F-18 E/F nose landing gear rig test Dabrowski  
1555-1610 HVOF coatings testing at BF Goodrich Panza-Giosa  
1610-1625 Heroux producibility evaluations – progress & schedules Ben Salah  
1625-1640 Plans for HVOF coating evaluation on C17 landing gear Gilman  
1640 Adjourn for day    

  Thursday, 26 April 

Start Subject Name Organization
0800-0830 Continental breakfast in meeting room    
0830-0850 Results of materials testing and plans for rig testing in propeller hub project  J. Sauer  
0850-0910 Overview of hydraulic actuator project and Air Force plans for specific actuator qualification Jeunelot  
0910-0925 Results from NAVAIR meeting on actuators and plans Hartle, E. Lee  
0925-0940 Break    
0940-1000 Revised actuator joint test protocol and plans for functional rod/seal testing Jang  
1000-1015 Overview of helicopter dynamic component project and visit to Sikorsky Sartwell  
1015-1030 Previous Sikorsky experience on qualifying HVOF and D-gun coatings Bartalotta  
  Note: At 1030 there will be an opportunity for a limited number of persons to drive to Boeing Long Beach and take a brief tour of their facility. Return to the hotel would be no later than 1230. A count will be taken on Wednesday morning on number of persons interested    
1030-1050 Gas turbine engine project overview Alford, Sartwell  
 1050-1130 Commercial organizations presentations
Rotating End Effector (RotaDJ)
Spray gun manipulator development
1130-1245 Lunch (on your own)    
1245-1305 Report on NADEP Jacksonville activities and report on status of AMEC specifications Devereaux  
1305-1325 Report on NADEP Cherry Point activities C. Sauer  
1325-1345 Report on Ogden ALC activities Cheever  
1345-1400 Status on Air Force Non-Line-Of-Sight Project Kolek  
1400-1420 SERDP project on NLOS plasma spraying Legg  
1420-1440 SERDP project on NLOS electrospark deposition Johnson  
1440-1455 Break    
1455-1515 SERDP project on NLOS electrodeposited nanocrystalline coatings Psaila-Dombrowski  
1515-1530 Proposed project on electrospark deposition for line-of sight chrome and brush plating replacement, and field repair of components Sartwell  
1530-1545 Data integration and web site Legg  
1545-1615 Final discussions and wrap-up    
1615 Adjourn meeting