17th Replacement of Hard Chrome Plating Program Review Meeting

December 13-14, 2000 
Kenedy Space Center Visitors Center

To view presentations please download the archive below:



Wednesday, 13 December 

Start Subject Name Organization
0745 Assemble in lobby of Hilton Hotel    
0800 Depart on buses for Kennedy Space Center Visitors Center (KSCVC)    
0820 Arrive KSCVC, continental breakfast    
0840 Convene meeting    
0840-0850 Introductory remarks, meeting logistics Sartwell  
0850-0900 Overview of HCAT Program Sartwell  
0900-0940 Overview of previous and current fatigue testing (Boeing Commercial, HCAT, C-HCAT, AFRL) Legg  
0940-1015 Detailed review of previous HCAT Landing Gear fatigue testing, post-test specimen examination Bretz  
1015-1030 Break    
1030-1035 Overview of C-HCAT materials testing McRae  
1035-1055 C-HCAT fatigue test results Dyer  
1055-1115 SEM examinations of fatigue specimens Au  
1115-1145 Status of AFRL testing, HVOF process sensitivity evaluation Ware  
1145-1205 Hydrogen embrittlement and impact testing Legg  
1205-1315 Lunch (on your own)    
1315-1335 Review of three-year atmospheric corrosion testing and status of additional landing gear corrosion testing Sartwell  
1335-1350 C-HCAT corrosion test results Dudzinski  
1350-1410 SO2 salt fog corrosion test results Kane  
1410-1440 HCAT landing gear wear test results Bretz, Schell  
1440-1500 C-HCAT wear testing results Ko  
1500-1525 Status of F/A-18 E/F NLG rig testing, other examples of HVOF applications on E/F, repairs developed for F-18 C/D Dabrowski  
1525-1540 Break    
1540-1555 DASH8-400 test schedules and progress Evans  
1555-1605 Heroux producibility evaluations – progress & schedules Ben Salah Ben Salah  
1605-1630 Data standardization, Almen strip analysis, Non-destructive testing Sauer  
1630-1725 Open discussion on materials testing in landing gear program    
1730 Depart on buses for Saturn V Facility    
1800-2000 Tour of Saturn V Facility, two presentations, reception 
(light food & soft drinks provided, cash bar)
2000 Depart Saturn V Facility on buses, return to KSCVC to
drop off escorts, return to hotel

  Thursday, 14 December 

Start Subject Name Organization
0745 Assemble in Hilton Hotel Lobby    
0800 Depart hotel for KSCVC    
0820 Arrive KSCVC, continental breakfast    
0840 Re-convene meeting    
0840-0850 Status on approval of AMS specifications Parker  
0850-0915 Propeller Hub Project – Status of fatigue and wear coupon testing and rig test schedule Nardi  
0915-0930 Hydraulic Actuator Project – Recent activities including OEM visits and stakeholder meeting Assink, Jeunelot  
0930-0940 Overview of Draft Hydraulic Actuator Joint Test Protocol Jang  
0940-0955 Gas Turbine Engine Project Overview Alford  
0955-1010 Recent activities and plans for TF33 engine test Freling  
1010-1025 Break    
1025-1045 Report on NADEP Jacksonville activities (including flight testing, P3 LG full-scale fatigue test, TF34 ARI) Devereaux  
1045-1105 Report on NADEP Cherry Point activities (including planned flight testing) Kestler  
1105-1125 Report on Ogden ALC activities and ALGLE program Cheever  
1125-1205 Status on Air Force Non-Line-Of-Sight Project Naguy  
1205-1315 Lunch (on your own)    

Commercial organizations presentations

Four-point bend testing on HVOF coatings, 
Results of actuator seal testing

HVOF service evaluations and facility status

Performance testing of HVOF coatings and comparison with hard chrome plating



David Lee

1415-1435 SERDP project on ID plasma spraying Legg  
1435-1455 SERDP project on electrospark deposition Johnson, Goetz  
1455-1515 SERDP project on electrodeposited nanocrystalline coatings Doug Lee
1515-1530 Break    
1530-1545 SERDP Green Gun Barrel chrome replacement project Vasilakis  
1545-1600 NAVAIR projects on advanced D-gun and plasma
E. Lee  
1600-1610 Data integration and web site Legg  
1610-1630 Final discussions and wrap-up    
1630 Adjourn meeting    
1635 Depart on buses for hotel