ASETSDefense can help identify experienced teams and projects to aid DoD organizations and contractors to qualify and adopt clean technologies.

ASETSDefense maintains a list of experts able to assist with the many technical issues involved in adopting alternatives, including choosing the best option, process optimization, testing, qualification, equipment purchase, and facility design. These experts can provide assist in the following areas:

  • Technology
    • Selecting the right technology for the application
    • Technology validation
  • Qualification Testing
    • Selecting the right product  
    • Qualifying the product
  • Process and Specification Development
    • Developing the process for production
    • Guidelines for design or application
    • Developing specifications
  • Selecting and Qualifying Vendors
    • Finding reliable vendors
    • Vendor qualification
    • Maintaining vendor quality
  • Selecting, Installing, and Qualifying Equipment
    • Selecting the right equipment
    • Purchase and installation  
    • Equipment qualification testing
    • Defining equipment/process QA tests
  • Training
    • Initial training on new equipment and process
    • Ongoing training and improvement