Implementing Classification on a Munitions Response Project

Type: On-Demand Video

Advanced classification methods for use in munitions response are now making a transition to the field through demonstrations on live munitions response sites. To ensure these techniques are well understood and accepted by site managers and regulators, this presentation is intended to provide a summary of classification and does not go into great detail. The on-demand video begins with an overview of innovative electromagnetic induction (EMI) technology and the classification process. The remainder of the presentation focuses on the practical aspects of implementing these technologies, including documentation that should be expected from the contractor, decision criteria for the stop-digging decision, and the required quality control procedures.

This material was originally presented at the 2011 SERDP and ESTCP Symposium. The on-demand video modules can be accessed below. Additionally, the material in its entirety is available in PDF format.

Implementing Classification on a Munitions Response Project
Module 1 Welcome and Introduction
(17:37 min)
Presented by Dr. Anne Andrews, SERDP and ESTCP
Module 2 Classification Basics
(33:13 min)
Presented by Dr. Thomas Bell, SAIC
Module 3 Workflow & Quality Control Products
(29:39 min)
Presented by Mr. Bryan Harre, Naval Facilities Engineering Command
Module 4 Pole Mountain, Wyoming Case Study
(35:54 min)
Presented by Dr. Herb Nelson, SERDP and ESTCP
Module 5 Wrap Up
(14:58 min)
Presented by Mr. Victor Wieszek, Office of the Deputy Under Secretary of Defense, Installations and Environment

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