Vapor Intrusion

The risk pathway in the migration of vapors from contaminated groundwater plumes into surface and sub-surface structures is the driver for many corrective action plans and site cleanups. SERDP and ESTCP efforts have focused on developing a more robust understanding of vapor intrusion and its significance, as well as improving the current sampling methodology and risk assessment approach for vapor intrusion assessments.

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Field Methods to Distinguish between Vapor Intrusion and Indoor Sources of VOCs

On-Demand Video

This on-demand video provides training on the use and implementation of on-site analysis techniques for vapor intrusion investigations. The techniques include indoor air sampling to identify indoor sources of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and supplemental tools such as building pressure control and radon analysis to minimize the effects of spatial and temporal variability on investigation results.

Sep 2012

Detailed Field Investigation of Vapor Intrusion Processes

Technical Report

This report provides recommendations for field investigations of the vapor intrusion pathway at corrective action sites. The recommendations specifically address how groundwater and soil gas samples should be collected to generate date suitable for pathway screening and what field investigation will provide a cost-effective and timely evaluation of vapor intrusion impacts.

Feb 2010