Additive Enhanced Siloxane Surfactants for Fire Fighting Foams

Dr. Kris Rangan | Materials Modification Inc



The objective of this project is to improve the fire-fighting efficiency of the siloxane surfactants based firefighting formulation to meet or surpass the performance of per and poly fluorinated alkyl substances (PFAS) containing Aqueous Film Forming Foam (AFFF) products. For more information about Materials Modification's efforts in this area, visit

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Technical Approach

This project will build upon the previous research work on PFAS-free foam based on siloxane surfactants. The fire-fighting efficiency of siloxane surfactants can be improved significantly with foam stabilizers. In this effort, further optimization of the composition and appropriate additive will be performed to better the performance of polyfluorinated AFFF formulations. In this effort, specific additives will be judiciously selected as additives for previously developed siloxane surfactants form formulations and their physical and fire suppression abilities will be measured. The tests will include the evaluation of 28-ft² fire performance and biodegradability.

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PFAS-free firefighting foams have considerable financial, socio-economic, public health, and environmental advantages over bio-accumulative and toxic fluorochemical-based AFFFs. The new formulations developed in this effort will comply with environmental regulations while meeting the military-standard requirements. The initiative will eliminate the use of traditional AFFF formulations and provide the operational capabilities to military and first responders with a fluorine-free Class B foams in fighting against liquid fuels.

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Points of Contact

Principal Investigator

Dr. Kris Rangan

Materials Modification Inc

Phone: 703-560-1371