Environmentally Conscious Process Development for the Production of Composite Propellants and Explosives

Mike Miller | Resodyn Corporation



The objective of this project is to develop a manufacturing process enabled by the new Continuous Acoustic Mixer (CAM) integrated with existing ResonantAcoustic® Mixing (RAM) technology to reduce the waste stream and improve worker safety when processing rocket propellants, explosives, and pyrotechnic formulations for Department of Defense (DoD) munitions.

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Technical Approach

The CAM device redesigned to improve clean-in-place (CIP) capabilities (referred to as the CAM-CIP) is based on RAM technology, which is a superior mixing technology for processing energetic materials. The CAM-CIP realizes these same advantages while enabling continuous flow manufacturing of energetic material using the RAM environment. This system will produce energetic material on the same scale as the largest batch mixing facilities while providing enhanced quality, a significantly reduced waste stream (both volume and toxicity), and improved operator safety. The key is the reduced CAM volume (surface area requiring cleaning) relative to batch mixing vessels and the ability of the RAM environment to enable limited amounts of soap and hot water (not volatile or hazardous solvents) to effectively clean the mix components.

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This project will benefit the DoD by providing functional, cost-effective, scalable technologies and methodologies for manufacturing energetic formulations that will reduce solvent, water, and energy use and enable increased recycling or the recovery of solvents and energetic materials both in manufacturing and at the end of service life. The CAM-CIP technology will reduce the potential for worker exposure to hazardous materials (energetic materials and solvents), the compliance burden through reduced reporting and permitting requirements, and the cost of handling, treating, and transferring hazardous, regulated materials. (Anticipated Project Completion - 2019)

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Points of Contact

Principal Investigator

Mike Miller

Resodyn Corporation

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