Ammunition and Projectiles

SERDP and ESTCP projects are developing and demonstrating alternative primer formulations, propellants, and projectiles that do not contain harmful materials or generate hazardous waste in production.

Active Projects List
Project Title Start Date

Environmentally Friendly 3D Printed Propulsion Charge

Project Information
Project ID: WP19-1300
Principal Investigator: Dr. Jared Moretti, U.S. Army RDECOM-ARDEC, Picatinny Arsenal
SERDP Jan 2019

Additive Manufacturing of Gun Propellants using Vibration Assisted Direct Write Printing

Project Information
Project ID: WP19-1246
Principal Investigator: Dr. Steven Son, Purdue University
SERDP Jan 2019

105mm M67 Propelling Charge Improvement Program: Eliminate Lead Contamination by Propellant Replacement with PAP7993-Modified Green Propellant

Project Information
Project ID: WP-201413
Principal Investigator: Mr. Paul Henderson, US Army ARDEC
ESTCP Jan 2014