Weapons Systems and Platforms

SERDP and ESTCP’s Weapons Systems and Platforms program area supports the development and demonstration of innovative technologies that enable DoD to reduce or eliminate the use of hazardous materials in its production and maintenance processes, reduce hazardous waste streams, and better understand and mitigate emissions and other environmental impacts that result from its operations.

Active Projects List
Project Title Start Date

A "Green" Propylnitroguanidine (PrNQ) Based Solution for Comp B Applications

Project Information
Project ID: WP18-1299
Principal Investigator: Chase Munson, US Army Research Laboratory
SERDP Jan 2018

A Fluorine-free, 100% Bio-based Fire-fighting Material

Project Information
Project ID: WP19-5348
Principal Investigator: Dr. Hans Ewoldsen, Nu Element, Inc.

A New Chromium-free, Self-sealing Anodizing Process for DoD Application

Project Information
Project ID: WP22-3165
Principal Investigator: Mr. Narjes Fredj, NAWCAD
SERDP Jan 2022

A Simple Surface Functionalization Method for Multifunctional Textiles With Flame and Vector Protection

Project Information
Project ID: WP19-1050
Principal Investigator: Dr. Ravi Mosurkal, US Army Natick Soldier, Research, Development, & Engineering Center
SERDP Apr 2019

Additive Manufactured Gun Propellants from UV Curable Nitrocellulose based Resins

Project Information
Project ID: WP19-1145
Principal Investigator: Dr. Zachary Doorenbos, Naval Air Warfare Center Weapons Division China Lake
SERDP May 2019

Additive Manufacturing of Gun Propellants using Vibration Assisted Direct Write Printing

Project Information
Project ID: WP19-1246
Principal Investigator: Dr. Steven Son, Purdue University
SERDP Jan 2019

Advancing alternatives assessment and informed substitution for chemicals of concern: Case example of PFAS in AFFF

Project Information
Project ID: WP19-1424
Principal Investigator: Dr. Joel Tickner , University of Massachusetts Lowell
SERDP Jan 2019

Aircraft Engine Noise Reduction Technology

Project Information
Project ID: WP19-1125
Principal Investigator: Dr. Junhui Liu, Naval Research Laboratory, Washington, DC
SERDP May 2019

Alternative Mixing Technology for Environmentally Friendly Plastic Bonded Explosive Formulations

Project Information
Project ID: WP-2604
Principal Investigator: Dr. Eric Beckel, US Army ARDEC
SERDP Jan 2016

Ambient Reactive Extrusion (ARE) for Design and Manufacture of Novel, Environmentally Friendly Gun Propellant Formulations for Additive Manufacturing

Project Information
Project ID: WP19-1338
Principal Investigator: Dr. Ian McAninch, CCDC Army Research Laboratory
SERDP Jul 2019

An Experimental and Finite Element Modeling Approach to Determining Degradation of Aircraft Coating Systems

Project Information
Project ID: WP19-1017
Principal Investigator: Mr. Steve Policastro, U.S. Naval Research Laboratory
SERDP Jan 2019

An Integral Hypergolic Hybrid-Solid Fuel Ramjet Concept for AP-Free High Performance Tactical Rocket Motors

Project Information
Project ID: WP18-1193
Principal Investigator: Mark Pfeil, Aviation and Missile Research, Development, and Engineering Center
SERDP Jan 2018

Application of Schiff Base Chemistry to Surface Passivation and Sealing of Plated Steels, Anodized Aluminum and IVD Coatings

Project Information
Project ID: WP21-1188
Principal Investigator: Dr. Waynie Schuette, The Boeing Company
SERDP Jan 2021

Atmospheric Plasma for Surface Modifications and Nanoscale Embedding of Chemistry for Corrosion Control and Adhesion Promotion

Project Information
Project ID: WP-2742
Principal Investigator: Dr. Santanu Chaudhuri, University of Illinois
SERDP Jan 2017

Beryllium Replacement Using Coated Powder Metal Matrix Materials

Project Information
Project ID: WP-201106
Principal Investigator: Dr. Ryan Morrissey, U.S. Air Force Research Laboratory (RXSC)
ESTCP Mar 2011

Biological Ligands and Materials Design for Rare Earth Recovery and Separation

Project Information
Project ID: WP22-3475
Principal Investigator: Dr. Yongqin Jiao, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
SERDP Jan 2022

Biological Production of Thermal Stabilizers

Project Information
Project ID: WP20-1151
Principal Investigator: Dr. David Graham, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
SERDP Mar 2019

Capabilities Assessment of Commercially Available PFAS-free Foams

Project Information
Project ID: WP19-5324
Principal Investigator: Mr. Jerry Back, Jensen Hughes, Inc.
ESTCP Jan 2019

Chrome Replacement for Gun Barrels

Project Information
Project ID: WP-201220
Principal Investigator: Mr. Brad Buening, Naval Surface Warfare Center Dahlgren
ESTCP Mar 2012

Chrome-Free Coating System

Project Information
Project ID: WP18-5074
Principal Investigator: Dr. Megan Ferlic, PPG Industries, Inc.
ESTCP May 2018

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