Coastal and Estuarine Ecology and Management

SERDP and ESTCP efforts are improving understanding of the ecology of coastal ecosystems and the interactions among the various system components so as to provide DoD resource managers with the knowledge and tools needed to manage these ecosystems.

Completed Projects List
Project Title Completed

Defense Coastal / Estuarine Research Program

Project Information
Project ID: RC-2245
Principal Investigator: Ms. Coleen Northeim, Research Triangle Institute
SERDP Jan 2018

SERDP's Defense Coastal/Estuarine Research Program (DCERP)

Project Information
Project ID: RC-1413
Principal Investigator: Dr. Patricia Cunningham, RTI International
SERDP Aug 2013

Integrated Climate Change and Threatened Bird Population Modeling to Mitigate Operations Risks on Florida Military Installations

Project Information
Project ID: RC-1699
Principal Investigator: Dr. Igor Linkov, US Army ERDC
SERDP Jan 2013

An Integrated Approach to Understand Relationships between Shallow Water Benthic Community Structure and Ecosystem Function

Project Information
Project ID: RC-1335
Principal Investigator: Dr. Linda Schaffner, Virginia Institute of Marine Science
SERDP Nov 2008

Application of MALDI-MS to Identification of Phytoplankton in Ballast Water

Project Information
Project ID: RC-1248
Principal Investigator: Dr. Dana Woodruff, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
SERDP Apr 2007

Harmful Algae, Bacteria, and Fauna Transported by DoD Vessels

Project Information
Project ID: RC-1244
Principal Investigator: Dr. JoAnn Burkholder, North Carolina State University
SERDP Jul 2005

Characterization of Aquatic Non-Indigenous Species for Department of Defense Vessels

Project Information
Project ID: RC-1245
Principal Investigator: Dr. Eric Holm, Naval Surface Warfare Center - Carderock Division
SERDP Jul 2005

Developing Molecular Methods to Identify and Quantify Ballast Water Organisms: A Test Case with Cnidarians

Project Information
Project ID: RC-1251
Principal Investigator: Dr. Brian Kreiser, University of Southern Mississippi
SERDP Apr 2004

Automated Image Processing/Image Understanding Coupled with Artificial Neural Network Classifier for Quantifying Biological Fouling on Ship Hulls

Project Information
Project ID: RC-1252
Principal Investigator: Dr. Stephen Lieberman, SPAWAR Systems Center - San Diego
SERDP Jan 2004