Adaptation Science

SERDP and ESTCP efforts are improving the understanding of how to manage species and ecosystems that will be affected by climate change; studying how to enhance the resistance, resilience, or recovery capacity of natural infrastructure; and developing methods and tools to enhance the resilience of built structures.

Completed Projects List
Project Title Completed

Linked Rainfall and Runoff Intensity-Duration-Frequency in the Face of Climate Change and Uncertainty

Project Information
Project ID: RC-2514
Principal Investigator: Dr. Yonas Demissie, Washington State University
SERDP Jan 2020

Climate-Informed Estimation of Hydrologic Extremes for Robust Adaptation to Non-Stationary Climate

Project Information
Project ID: RC-2516
Principal Investigator: Dr. Casey Brown, University of Massachusetts
SERDP Sep 2019

Defense Coastal / Estuarine Research Program

Project Information
Project ID: RC-2245
Principal Investigator: Ms. Coleen Northeim, Research Triangle Institute
SERDP Jan 2018

Effect of Arctic Amplification on Design Snow Loads in Alaska

Project Information
Project ID: RC-2435
Principal Investigator: Ms. Kathleen Jones, Cold Regions Research and Engineering Laboratory
SERDP Nov 2016

Improving Design Methodologies and Assessment Tools for Building on Permafrost in a Warming Climate

Project Information
Project ID: RC-2436
Principal Investigator: Mr. Kevin Bjella, Cold Regions Research and Engineering Laboratory
SERDP Jan 1970

Effects of Global Change on Extreme Precipitation and Flooding: New Approaches to IDF and Regional Flood Frequency Estimation

Project Information
Project ID: RC-2513
Principal Investigator: Dr. Dennis Lettenmaier, University of California, Los Angeles
SERDP Jan 1970

Changes in Climate and Its Effect on Timing of Snowmelt and Intensity-Duration-Frequency Curves

Project Information
Project ID: RC-2515
Principal Investigator: Dr. Anna Wagner, Cold Regions Research and Engineering Laboratory
SERDP Jan 1970