Infrastructure Resiliency

SERDP and ESTCP’s investments are developing the understanding and tools necessary to identify vulnerable assets, assess impacts, and determine appropriate adaptive responses to climate change.

Completed Projects List
Project Title Completed

Effects of Climate Change on Plague Exposure Pathways and Resulting Disease Dynamics

Project Information
Project ID: RC-2634
Principal Investigator: Dr. Tonie Rocke, USGS National Wildlife Health Center
SERDP Aug 2020

Linked Rainfall and Runoff Intensity-Duration-Frequency in the Face of Climate Change and Uncertainty

Project Information
Project ID: RC-2514
Principal Investigator: Dr. Yonas Demissie, Washington State University
SERDP Jan 2020

The Role of Phenology and Phenology Change in the Transmission of Arthropod-Borne Diseases: Implications for Management on Military Lands

Project Information
Project ID: RC-2639
Principal Investigator: Dr. Sharon Bewick, University of Maryland, College Park
SERDP Sep 2019

Climate-Informed Estimation of Hydrologic Extremes for Robust Adaptation to Non-Stationary Climate

Project Information
Project ID: RC-2516
Principal Investigator: Dr. Casey Brown, University of Massachusetts
SERDP Sep 2019

Research on the Efficacy of Applying a Supply Chain Paradigm and Economic Valuation Tools to Optimize Management Decision-Making and Enable Quantification of DoD Stewardship Value

Project Information
Project ID: RC18-1615
Principal Investigator: Stephen Petron, CH2M HILL, Inc.
SERDP Jul 2019

Integrating Remote Sensing and Field Measurements to Identify Environmental Nonstationarity on Interior Alaska DoD Training Lands

Project Information
Project ID: RC18-1486
Principal Investigator: Jennifer Watts, The Woods Hole Research Center
SERDP Jun 2019

Next-Generation Rainfall IDF Curves for the Virginian Drainage Area of Chesapeake Bay

Project Information
Project ID: RC18-1569
Principal Investigator: Xixi Wang, Old Dominion University
SERDP Jun 2019

Water Resources on Guam: Potential Impacts and Adaptive Response to Climate Change for Department of Defense Installations

Project Information
Project ID: RC-2340
Principal Investigator: Dr. Stephen Gingerich, U.S. Geological Survey
SERDP Feb 2019

Assessing the Impacts of Climate and Land Use/Land Cover Change on Valley Fever Incidence

Project Information
Project ID: RC-2650
Principal Investigator: Dr. Vicken Etyemezian, Desert Research Institute
SERDP Oct 2018

Statistically Rigorous Carbon Stock Predictions of Forest Restoration in the Southern United States

Project Information
Project ID: RC-2116
Principal Investigator: Dr. Duncan Wilson, Oklahoma State University
SERDP Aug 2018

The Impact of Sea-Level Rise and Climate Change on Department of Defense Installations on Atolls in the Pacific Ocean

Project Information
Project ID: RC-2334
Principal Investigator: Dr. Curt Storlazzi, U.S. Geological Survey
SERDP Feb 2018

Defense Coastal / Estuarine Research Program

Project Information
Project ID: RC-2245
Principal Investigator: Ms. Coleen Northeim, Research Triangle Institute
SERDP Jan 2018

Assessing Climate Change Impacts for DoD Installations in the Southwest United States during the Warm Season

Project Information
Project ID: RC-2205
Principal Investigator: Dr. Christopher Castro, University of Arizona
SERDP Jul 2017

Climate Change Impacts to Department of Defense Installations

Project Information
Project ID: RC-2242
Principal Investigator: Dr. Veerabhadra Kotamarthi , Argonne National Laboratory
SERDP Jun 2017

Climate Change Impacts and Adaptation on Southwestern DoD Facilities

Project Information
Project ID: RC-2232
Principal Investigator: Dr. Gregg Garfin, University of Arizona
SERDP Feb 2017

Effect of Arctic Amplification on Design Snow Loads in Alaska

Project Information
Project ID: RC-2435
Principal Investigator: Ms. Kathleen Jones, Cold Regions Research and Engineering Laboratory
SERDP Nov 2016

High-Frequency Analysis of Stream Chemistry to Establish Elemental Cycling Regimes of High-Latitude Catchments

Project Information
Project ID: RC-2507
Principal Investigator: Dr. Tamara Harms, University of Alaska Fairbanks
SERDP Nov 2016

Developing Novel Ecosystems that Enhance Carbon Storage, Native Biodiversity, and Human Mobility in Lowland Hawaiian Forests

Project Information
Project ID: RC-2117
Principal Investigator: Dr. Rebecca Ostertag, University of Hawaii at Hilo
SERDP Sep 2016

Addressing the Impacts of Climate Change on U.S. Army Alaska with Decision Support Tools Developed through Field Work and Modeling

Project Information
Project ID: RC-2110
Principal Investigator: Dr. Thomas Douglas, U.S. Army ERDC-CRREL
SERDP Aug 2016

Developing Tools for Ecological Forestry and Carbon Management in Longleaf Pine

Project Information
Project ID: RC-2115
Principal Investigator: Dr. Lisa Samuelson, Auburn University
SERDP Aug 2016

FY 2020 New Start Project Selections

FY 2020 New Start Project Selections for the Environmental Solicitation – SERDP; ESTCP

SERDP Report:
The Impact of Sea-Level Rise and Climate Change on DoD Installations on Atolls in the Pacific Ocean

DoD Report:
Regional Sea Level Scenarios for Coastal Risk Management: Managing the Uncertainty of Future Sea Level Change and Extreme Water Levels for Department of Defense Coastal Sites Worldwide (2016)

SERDP Report:
Climate-Sensitive Decision-Making in the Department of Defense: Synthesis of Ongoing Research and Current Recommendations (2016)

SERDP Report:
Use of Climate Information for Decision-Making and Impacts Research: State of our Understanding (2016)

SERDP Report:
SERDP Climate Change Program Review and NOAA Partnership Meeting Summary Report (2015)

DoD FY 2014 Climate Change Adaptation Roadmap with Foreword

Third National Climate Assessment

Quadrennial Defense Review

SERDP Report:
Infrastructure Damage/Fragility Models and Data Quality Issues Associated with Department of Defense Climate Vulnerability and Impact Assessment (2015)

SERDP Report:
Assessing Impacts of Climate Change on Coastal Military Installations: Policy Implications (2013)

NOAA Technical Report:
Global Sea Level Rise Scenarios for the United States National Climate Assessment (2012)

Workshop Report:
DoD Workshop on Coordinating Climate Change Research and Policy Implications (2011)

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