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The Department of Defense is the single largest energy consumer in the nation.  It consumes more than three quarters of the energy used by the federal government. In many areas of the nation, the Department is the largest local consumer of power.  The sheer size of its infrastructure, as well as the wide diversity of installation building types, climatic conditions, and available energy sources, puts DoD in a unique position to play a significant role in the development and deployment of the next generation of energy technologies.  To meet its energy, environmental, economic, and security needs, DoD requires rapid and effective deployment of new clean, secure, low-carbon energy technologies.  To address these issues, SERDP and ESTCP invest in three areas.

Smart and Secure Installation Energy Management – Systems and components that enable better management of distributed energy resources and improve mission resilience, such as microgrids, energy storage and control systems. 

Efficiency Integrated Buildings – Advanced components, sensors and building management technologies that support smart integrated buildings as well as decision support and benchmarking tools. Methods and technologies to reduce water demand. 

Distributed Generation – Renewable energy, waste heat recover, combined heat and power and other distributed energy generation sources.

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FY 2020 New Start Project Selections for the Environmental Solicitation - ESTCP

  DoD Facilities Energy Directorate

Optimization Study Executive Summary:
Financial Optimization of Electricity Security Assets at Military Installations: Including Case Studies of
Dover Air Force Base, Fort Benning, and MCAGCC Twentynine Palms (2014)

Natural Gas Study:
Interdependence of the Electricity Generation System and the Natural Gas System and Implications for Energy Security (2013)

Microgrid Study:
Energy Security for DoD Installations (2012)

Solar Energy Development on DoD Installations in the Mojave and Colorado Deserts (2012)


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