SERDP and ESTCP Announce 2018 Projects of the Year

It is with great pride and pleasure that SERDP and ESTCP announce the 2018 Projects of the Year. This year’s awards recognize scientific advances and technological solutions to some of DoD’s most significant environmental and installation


energy challenges—

  • assessing the effectiveness of remediation in fractured bedrock
  • improving energy efficiency and security on DoD installations
  • characterization of unexploded ordnance in nearshore underwater sites
  • management of endangered and at-risk species on military lands
  • green processing of energetic materials
  • understanding biologically mediated abiotic degradation of chlorinated ethenes in contaminated groundwater
  • understanding mobility of munitions near the beach face
  • modeling source-sink dynamics on DoD lands
  • assessing the viability of alternative corrosion protection technologies

These projects will be featured in the slideshow on the home page of the SERDP and ESTCP website through the middle of February. Please visit the SERDP and ESTCP blog to read more about each of these award-winning projects! 

SERDP Projects of the Year 

Environmental Restoration
Biologically Mediated Abiotic Degradation of Chlorinated Ethenes: A New Conceptual Framework
Dr. Michelle Scherer, University of Iowa
Project Highlights

Munitions Response
Quantification of Hydrodynamic Forcing and Burial, Exposure and Mobility of Munitions on the Beach Face
Dr. Jack Puleo, University of Delaware
Project Highlights

Resource Conservation and Resiliency
Endangered Butterflies as a Model System for Managing Source-Sink Dynamics on Department of Defense Lands
Dr. Elizabeth Crone, Tufts University
Project Highlights

Weapons Systems and Platforms
Accelerated Dynamic Corrosion Test Method Development
Mr. James Dante, Southwest Research Institute 
Project Highlights

ESTCP Projects of the Year 

Environmental Restoration
Rapid Assessment of Remedial Effectiveness and Rebound in Fractured Bedrock
Dr. Charles Schaefer, CDM Smith
Project Highlights

Installation Energy and Water
Software-Defined Wireless Decentralized Building Management System and Portsmouth Naval Shipyard Microgrid and Ancillary Services
Mr. Anthony Colonnese, Ameresco, Inc.
Project Highlights

Munitions Response
Demonstration of Crawler-Towed Sensor Technologies in Challenging Nearshore Sites
Dr. Gregory Schultz, White River Technologies
Project Highlights

Resource Conservation and Resiliency
Conspecific Attraction as a Management Tool for Endangered and At-Risk Species on Military Lands
Dr. Jinelle Sperry, U.S. Army ERDC CERL
Project Highlights

Weapons Systems and Platforms
Green Processing of Energetic Materials Using Resonant Acoustic Mixing Technology
Dr. Andrew Nelson, Naval Air Warfare Center Weapons Division
Project Highlights

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