SERDP and ESTCP Announce 2015 Projects of the Year

2015 POTY Blue Ribbon Graphic

From the Director: It is with great pride and pleasure that SERDP and ESTCP announce the 2015 Projects of the Year. This year’s awards recognize scientific advances and technological solutions to some of DoD’s most significant environmental challenges—

  • assessing the long-term environmental risk of soil contamination at firearms training facilities and developing effective tools to monitor and manage this contamination
  • assessing and predicting the burial, mobility, and re-exposure of underwater munitions
  • maintaining ecological functioning and biodiversity on installations in the southwestern United States, where intermittent and ephemeral streams play a key role
  • developing and implementing solvent-free chemical agent-resistant coating systems for corrosion prevention and mitigation on DoD weapons systems and platforms
  • achieving energy savings and improving illumination in exterior lighting applications
  • evaluating and selecting the most appropriate bioremediation strategy for contaminated groundwater at a chlorinated solvent site
  • developing operational control methods to deter the spread of brown tree snakes from Guam to other locations that are conducive to the snake’s establishment, including Hawaii
  • replacing cadmium plating in aircraft landing gear manufacturing and maintenance

The findings, approaches, tools, technologies, and guidance developed by these projects will help DoD enhance its mission capabilities, improve its environmental and energy performance, and reduce costs.

These projects will be featured in the slideshow on the home page of the SERDP and ESTCP web site through the middle of February. Please visit the SERDP and ESTCP blog to read more about each of these award-winning projects! 

SERDP Projects of the Year 

Environmental Restoration
Lead and Antimony Speciation in Shooting Range Soils: Molecular Scale Analysis, Temporal Trends, and Mobility
Dr. Thomas Trainor, University of Alaska Fairbanks
Project Highlights 

Munitions Response
Continuous Monitoring of Mobility, Burial, and Re-Exposure of Underwater Munitions in Energetic Near-Shore Environments
Dr. Peter Traykovski, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
Long Time Series Measurements of Munitions Mobility in the Wave-Current Boundary Layer
Dr. Joseph Calantoni, Naval Research Laboratory
Project Highlights

Resource Conservation and Climate Change
Hydroecology of Intermittent and Ephemeral Streams: Will Landscape Connectivity Sustain Aquatic Organisms in a Changing Climate?
Dr. Julian D. Olden, University of Washington, and Dr. David A. Lytle, Oregon State University
Project Highlights   

Weapons Systems and Platforms
Novel Coatings Systems for Use as High Performance Chemical Agent Resistant Powder Topcoats
Mr. Mark J. Wytiaz, The Sherwin-Williams Company
Project Highlights 

ESTCP Projects of the Year 

Energy and Water
Dynamic Exterior Lighting for Energy and Cost Savings in DoD Installations
Dr. Satyen Mukherjee, Philips Research, a division of Philips Electronics North America Corporation
Project Highlights

Environmental Restoration
Development and Validation of a Quantitative Framework and Management Expectation Tool for the Selection of Bioremediation Approaches at Chlorinated Solvent Sites
Ms. Carmen A. Lebrón, Private Consultant, formerly Naval Facilities Engineering Command, Expeditionary Warfare Center
Project Highlights

Resource Conservation and Climate Change
Aerial Application of Acetaminophen-Treated Baits for Control of Brown Tree Snakes
Dr. Brian S. Dorr, USDA National Wildlife Research Center
Project Highlights

Weapons Systems and Platforms
Demonstration/Validation of Zinc-Nickel as Replacement for Cadmium/Cyanide Plating Process for Air Force Landing Gears
Mr. David Frederick, 417th SCMS, USAF Landing Gear Team
Project Highlights

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