NEW!  Workshop Report
Acoustic Detection and Classification of Munitions in the Underwater Environment (2018)

Workshop Report: 
Burial and Mobility Modeling of Munitions in the Underwater Environment (2015)

Workshop Report:
SERDP/Office of Naval Research Workshop on Acoustic Detection and Classification of UXO in the Underwater Environment (2013)

White Paper:
Munitions in the Underwater Environment: State of the Science and Knowledge Gaps (2009)

Technical Report:
Parameters for the Evaluation of the Fate, Transport, and Environmental Impacts of Chemical Agents in Marine Environments (2007)

Workshop Report:
Technology Needs for the Characterization, Management, and Remediation of Military Munitions in Underwater Environments (2007)

Workshop Report
Research and Development Needs for Understanding and Assessing the Bioavailability of Contaminants in Soils and Sediments (2008)

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