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The Department of Defense (DoD) is one of the nation’s largest federal land managers and relies heavily upon these lands for conducting military missions. The natural and built infrastructure of installations provides the foundation for training and testing missions and overall military readiness. Troops must train as they fight, and our ranges provide the contiguous, unencumbered spaces needed to closely replicate the operational environment of assigned missions. These needs must be met in a manner that is maintainable over long time horizons, is responsive to changing requirements, and accounts for new challenges.

Training days may be limited due to ecological impacts occurring on this natural infrastructure. Wildfires, flooding, exotic species invasion, dust emissions and disease spread by wildlife populations are all threats to daily operations. It is critical to understand and manage the long-term changes occurring to the land and ecosystems common to DoD installations. Research in this area is imperative to controlling the risk associated with naturally occurring roadblocks.

SERDP and ESTCP’s Resource Conservation and Resiliency program area supports the development of the science, technologies, and methods needed to manage DoD’s installation infrastructure in order to maximize the number of training days and mission readiness requirements. Areas of investment include:

  • understanding DoD-relevant ecological systems
  • assessing the impact of military training on marine mammals
  • managing threatened, endangered, and at-risk species, and invasive species
  • understanding watershed processes and management
  • understanding the impacts to air quality from DoD activities
  • developing the models and tools necessary to ensure the resiliency of DoD’s infrastructure

FY 2017 New Start Project Selections

FY 2017 New Start Project Selections for the Environmental Solicitation – SERDP; ESTCP

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